About Me

My journey to becoming a therapist wasn’t as straight forward as you might assume.  I became interested in therapy after going through some of my own difficulties.  Once I realised how much those therapy sessions had helped me I knew it was a field that I wanted to work in.  Fast forward several years, hours of study, days of volunteering and hundreds of clients  later

and  here I am.


I will never ask my clients to do something I am not willing to do myself.  I apply therapy tools and practices to my day to day life.  By reflecting on the problems that can occur when wellbeing is not a focus every day and the benefits which come when it is, I try to find balance in my own life while also helping my clients to do the same for themselves.


When I am not therapising, I am usually spending time with my family and my pets or I can be found with my  knitting needles feverishly creating various bits and bobs.


What To Expect

So you have decided to take the leap and have some therapy.  You will probably be feeling a mixture of things; scared, excited, uncertain, hopeful and ready to change are just a few examples.  Committing to therapy is a big decision but I will try to help it as welcoming as possible.

Your first appointment with me will usually go like this:

  • You will log on and I will begin the session at the allotted time
  • I will introduce myself and also my dog who likes to sit in the room with me while we work together – I promise, he will keep your confidentiality
  • A quick plan for our session will be agreed which will include a chat about why you are coming to therapy and some goals to work towards
  • We will reach the end of the session and hopefully you feel a bit more relaxed than when it began and we will book another appointment

Your appointment is exactly that – it’s yours!  If there is something you want to bring up in a session then we can have a look at it together.

My sessions are usually a mixture of tears, laughter, collaborative work, challenges, problem solving, the occasional bad word and a therapeutic cuppa to help the session go well.


Get In Touch With Me

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